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Preparing for retirement is an inescapable necessity. The sooner you start your retirement planning the better off your retirement investments will be. Retirement savings go a long way during your senior years when it’s time to relax. Let a professional financial consultant prepare a retirement plan that’s right for you. You have many options including 401 k, IRA, Roth IRA and more. Please scroll down for more information and contact one of the retirement planning consultants in Hershey, PA listed below that can get you started right away.

Jeffrey McClarren
McClarren Financial Advisors
(866) 760-4036
Bldg #1, Suite 214
Harrisburg, PA
Ongoing Investment Management, Middle Income Client Needs, Retirement Planning & Distribution Rules, Tax Planning, Helping Clients Identify & Achieve Goals, Socially Responsible Investments
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, BS, CFP®

Mr. Charles A. Turner, CFP®
(717) 533-4070
326 W Chocolate Ave
Hershey, PA
Turner And Associates/Ameripri

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Mr. Sean W Reading, CFP®
(717) 838-3168
220 S Railroad St Ste 3
Palmyra, PA
The North Star Financial Group
Areas of Specialization
Investment Management, Retirement Income Management, Young Professionals
Key Considerations
Average Net Worth: $100,001 - $250,000

Average Income: $50,001 - $100,000

Profession: Not Applicable

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Mr. Stephen M. Stackhouse, CFP®
(717) 482-8048
187 Hershey Rd
Hummelstown, PA
Hershey Retirement Solutions
Areas of Specialization
Retirement Planning
Key Considerations
Average Net Worth: $500,001 - $1,000,000

Average Income: $100,001 - $250,000

Profession: Self-Employed Business Owners

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Mr. Alan R. Malkoff, CFP®
(717) 566-1073
15 N Rosanna St Ste A
Hummelstown, PA
Ameriprise Financial

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Donald DeMuth
Mighty Oak Strong America Investment Company
(717) 790-9001
940 Century Drive, Suite B
Mechanicsburg, PA
Advising Medical Professionals, High Net Worth Client Needs
NAPFA Registered Financial Advisor, CHBC, CPA/PFS, MBA

Mr. Andrew G. Keefer, CFP®
(717) 520-1114
1 East Chocolate Ave Ste 200
Hershey, PA
Bryn Mawr Trust Company

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Ms. Anita E. Sowers, CFP®
(717) 838-4838
Areas of Specialization
Comprehensive Financial Planning, Elder Care, Estate Planning, General Financial Planning, Insurance Planning, Investment Management, Investment Planning

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Mr. Todd D Dietrich, CFP®
(717) 533-8252
119 W Main St
Hummelstown, PA
Fulton Financial Advisors

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Mr. Gregory K. Richards, CFP®
(717) 533-8960
134 Sipe Ave
Hummelstown, PA
Gregory Richards, LLC

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Retirement, It Turns Out, Is a Journey

There are five distinct stages to retirement that impact not only the person moving through them, but also their families, workplace, communities and financial situations, according to Ameriprise Financial's The New Retirement Mindscape study.

Researchers have labeled the five stages that people experience before and during retirement as: imagination, anticipation, liberation, reorientation and reconciliation.

Imagination (15 to six years before Retirement Day): Retirement is not necessarily top of mind; people are putting children through college, pursuing their career, paying bills.

As retirement draws closer, they pay more attention to and define their goals and preparation needs. This is when a clearer vision emerges of what is wanted out of this next life phase, and a sense of enthusiasm and excitement about retirement develops.

Anticipation (up to five years before retirement): This is a time of excitement and hopefulness. Emotions intensify and financial resources are almost in place. People spend more time planning for recreation, new hobbies, family and new careers.

Liberation (Retirement Day and the year following): The honeymoon phase. It's a time of enjoyment, enthusiasm and hopefulness, and it lasts about a year. People feel excited, relieved, and liberated from worries and responsibilities. They miss their friends and work connections, but reconnect with spouses and families, hobbies, traveling and beginning new businesses – 89 percent indicated they were "very busy" during this time.

Reorientation (two to 15 years after retirement): After the initial liberation period, people transition into reorientation. During this time, which can last up to 15 years after Retirement Day, there's a let-down. How much of a let-down and how long it lasts depends on how they reorient their priorities, activities, relationships and daily living. People often discover the challenges of retirement may include depression, worry and/or boredom.

The study uncovered four distinct experiences within the reorientation stage of the retirement journey:

  • Empowered Reinventors (19%): This stage is a time of adventure, new challenges and fulfillment.
  • Carefree Contents (19%): This stage is a time of adjusting to a less frantic lifestyle without the stress of work and responsibilities. Eight out of 10 say they don't work at all.
  • Uncertain Searchers (22%): This stage is one of mixed feelings – they're still trying to figure out what to do with this time of their lives, and may not be on track financially for retirement.
  • Worried Strugglers (40%): This stage is most difficult due to a lack of planning and preparation. Most have not given much thought to what they want to do with their retirement years.

    Reconciliation (16 or more years after retirement): Many retirees enter a phase of relative contentment and acceptance. They begin to set their sights on moving to a new home, confront end-of-life issues with f...

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